Exchange Control

Authority to administer Exchange Controls under the Central Banking (Foreign Exchange and Gold) Regulation (Regulation) is vested in the Bank of Papua New Guinea, which in turn issues instructions, directions and requirements to the Authorised Dealers for implementation, under Regulation 2(2).

The administrative procedures for implementation of the Regulation are provided in the Foreign Exchange Manual, Summary Foreign Exchange Guidelines, Foreign Exchange Reporting Framework, and Enhanced Due Diligence Guidelines Manual, which are released from time to time by the Bank of Papua New Guinea. The administrative procedures of the manuals cover the instructions, directions and requirements that are issued by the Bank. The Foreign Exchange Reporting Framework provides guidance on the completion of the various types of Balance of Payment (BOP) reporting forms and, where relevant, notes the supporting documents that are required. It is to be used by the Authorised Dealers and public, in conjuction with other manuals, including the Foreign Exchange Notices in the Foreign Exchange Manual.

Exchange Control Notices

Requirements for Authorised Bureau of Currency Exchange Dealers

Foreign Exchange Dealers Licencing Guidelines-Authorised Non-Banks Financial Institutions

Reporting Framework


Summary Guidelines

Enhanced Due Diligence

Requirements for Exporting Gold

1. Requirements for Gold Export License

2. Checklist

  • GL-Form 1
  • GL-Form 2
  • GL-Form 3

3. Operational Requirements for Gold Export License


Licensed Gold Exporters

Monetary Policy

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