SEACEN collaboration Research project

SEACEN Collaborative Research Projects

These research papers are country chapters of books published in collaboration with the SEACEN Centre by researchers from member Central Banks. For more information on how to order the books click on the following link;

2019 Cross Border Interbank Contagion Risk Analysis For Papua New Guinea
  By: Ludwig Aur Aba
2019 Dynamic Impacts of Global Oil and Food Price Shocks on Inflation in Papua New Guinea
  By: Eli Direye
2015 Advancing Inclusive Financial System in the next decade: The case of Mobile Banking in Papua New Guinea
  By: Williamina Hubert
2015 Building on the Countercyclical Capital Buffer Consensus: An Empirical Test for Papua New Guinea
  By: Tanu Irau
2014 Mortgage Finance and Consumer Credit – Papua New Guinea
  By: Boniface Aipi
2011 Relative Effectiveness of Policy Choices During Financial Crisis in Papua New Guinea
  By: Rowan Rupa
2011 The Real Sector Propagation of the Recent Global Financial Crisis in Papua New Guinea
  By: Jeffrey Yabom
2009 Capital Flows and Implications for Central Bank Policies in Papua New Guinea
  By: Tanu Irau
2008 The Development of E-Payment and Challenges in Papua New Guinea
  By: Boniface Aipi
2008 Comparison of Problem Bank Identification, Intervention and Resolution in Papua New Guinea
  By: Steven Avel
2007 Oil Dependence, Impact of Oil Price Volatility and Policy Response in Papua New Guinea
  By: Dr. Gae Kauzi

The papers can be obtained by writing to:

Research Department
Bank of Papua New Guinea
P.O.Box 121
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea
or Email:

Kina exchange rate (MIDRATE)

Last Updated:

USD 0.2850
AUD 0.3695
EUR 0.2392
GBP 0.2060
JPY 30.89
NZD 0.3975
SGD 0.3831

Kina Facility Rate:

    • Feb 2021  3.00%
    • Jan 2021  3.00%
    • Dec 2020  3.00%
    • Nov 2020  3.00%
    • Oct 2020  3.00%
    • Sept 2020  3.00%
    • Aug 2020  3.00%
    • Jul 2020  3.00%
    • Jun 2020  3.00%
    • May 2020  3.00%
    • Apr 2020  3.00%
    • Mar 2020  5.00%
    • Feb 2020  5.00%
    • Jan 2020  5.00%
    • Dec 2019  5.00%
    • Nov 2019  5.50%