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The Payment Systems Department runs two mission critical systems for the continued operation of business and consumers in PNG, with the support of other departments of the bank.  The two systems are Kina Automated Transfer System (KATS) and Retail Electronic Payment System (REPS), which are operated by a dedicated group of employees who ensures their smooth operations. The inability of the payment systems, either KATS & REPS to process payments effectively and efficiently could disrupt nationwide economic activity.

What does REPS Process. 

REPS processes card-based transactions using ATMs and EFTPOS terminals.  The six members of REPS include commercial banks, microbanks and Savings and Loan organisations.  They are BSP, Westpac, Kina Bank, NCSL, MiBank and PMBL.  Any ATM or EFTPOS terminal offered by a REPS Member (excluding ATM’s of PMBL will be added in second half on 2020) is open to the local debit cards offered by any other Member.  This means a card issued by any of these Members can be used at other REPS Member device making in-store payments easy and access to cash available at virtually all ATMs and EFTPOS counters in PNG.  

REPS is a 24/7 system.  It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – every day of the year.  If people need to make a card-based payment on the weekend or after business hours REPS processes the transaction.  An important transaction offered by REPS (and local debit cards) is the EFTPOS Purchase + Cashback.  This allows people to make a card payment at a shop and get cash at the same time.  

When did REPS Go-Live 

The Retail Electronic Payments System (REPS), with the National Switch at its core, commenced operation in 21st July 2019, with three inaugural members, namely BSP, Kina Bank and NCSL and three more institutions joined on 1st September. They were Westpac Bank, PMBL and MiBank. This brings the total of six (6) financial institutions connected to National Switch.  Another important development during the period was the acquisition of ANZ Bank Retail Customers by Kina Bank on 23rd September, which resulted to significant increase in volumes processed by the National Switch.  

After the launch in July 2019, REPS continued to deliver improved access with minimal disruptions and processed over 12 million chargeable transactions (excluding balance enquiries), valued at K2.29 billion to September 2020.  The Project Team has completed the plans for the remainder of the first phase to add payments initiated through mobile channels and more members joining to improve access and increase competition.  

In addition to the National Switch REPS introduced a new multi-lateral operating agreement, fees and rules as well as updated policies to provide improved safety and stability for retail payments.

Refer to REPS Statistics and Charts below.

Statistics from all Participating Institutions

(BSP, Kina, NCSL, WPC, MiBank & PMBL)

Total Values and Volumes Processed by National Switch

  Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Point of Sale (POS) Charge-able



Chargeable Cumulative





K’ Million  

With- drawal

Bal Enq

(Not charged)


Bal Enq

Purch &

Cash Back

July2 894 483 483 870 2,836 4,600 4,600 5,083 0.92  
August 3,204 1,998 2,481 2,847 9,721 15,772 20,372 22,853 4.39  
September3 146,216 85,246 87,727 224,816 329,624 700,658 721,030 808,757 124.57  
October4 221,732 123,180 210,907 301,764 474,973 998,469 1,719,499 1,930,406 302.50  
November 223,217 135,236 346,143 290,022 459,192 972,431 2,691,930 3,038,073 476.39  
December 256,893 165,796 511,939 342,080 533,208 1,132,181 3,824,111 4,336,050 693.60  
January  234,161  137,836  649,775  306,429  477,900  1,018,490  4,842,601 5,492,376 889.72  
February5 220,542 135,624 785,399 285,966 446,168 952,676 5,795,277 6,580,676 1,069.00  
March  205,550  128,948  914,347  284,110  444,724  934,384  6,729,661 7,644,008 1,233.99  
April  177,090  122,814 1,037,161  263,219  382,522  822,831 7,552,492 8,589,653 1,375.57  
May  218,001  128,788 1,165,949  345,990  493,460  1,057,451 8,609,943 9,775,892 1,558.21  
June  217,835  132,723 1,298,672  304,415  453,984  976,234  9,586,177  10,884,849  1,734.36  
July  230,221  141,425 1,440,097  341,838  517,508  1,089,567  10,675,744  12,115,841  1,935.87  
August6  211,157  117,818 1,557,915  330,976  471,087  1,013,220  11,688,964  13,246,879  2,114.75  
September  220,413  124,243 1,682,158  325,888  467,046  1,013,347  12,702,311  14,384,469  2,292.60  

1 Sum of “Withdrawals, Purchase and Cash Advance and Purchase only”, Excluding the “Balance Enquiry”. 

2 On 21st July, National Switch Went-Live with BSP, Kina Bank and NCSL. 

3 In 01st September 2019, additional three institutions, Westpac, PMBL & MiBank joined the National Switch and following on 22nd September Kina Bank acquired the Retail business from ANZ Bank. This resulted to substantial increase in the volumes of transaction switched via the National Switch. 

4 10-Oct-19 – A milestone of over one (1) million chargeable transactions were processed by the National Switch. 

5 06-Feb-20 – Another milestone of over K1.0 billion were processed and transferred by the National Switch.

6 End of August 2020 – REPS processed over K2.0 billion worth of transactions 


REPS Charts

This chart indicates the monthly volumes by type of cards used for payment and aggregate values in K’ millions.  

NB: Monthly industry values (K’ millions) shown in this chart, when added together month by month since go-live in July 2019, will equate to the cumulative values (K’ millions) shown in the statistics table on the previous page.

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14th October 2020

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