Five Kina

Denomination Five Kina Note
Year Reprinted 1997
Material Paper
Colors Dark violet design elements on light multicoloured underprints
Front Images 5_kina

The background tints surrounding the National Crest on the front of this denomination have been composed from patterns taken from the following items :- The Parliament House design

A shield from the Gulf Province
A Sepik Clay Pot and Ramu River Shields from Madang Area

The patterns surrounding the numerals are based on designs of a slaughtered pig.


Reverse Image k5_-_tradmoni

The main designs on the back of the FIVE KINA Banknote comprise four items of traditional Papua New Guinea “Currencies”. A Hombuli Mask which is used for bridal payments in the Sepik Area

A Kina Shell Necklace woven with seeds found in the New Ireland Province

The background tinits for this design have been composed from :-

The Parliament House design
A Northern Province Tapa Cloth
A Milne Bay Shield
Tortoise Shell Bracelets from the Huon Gulf Area

The patterns used to surround the numerals are based on a mask design together with an illustration of a bird.

Paper Security Features
  • Water mark of Bank of Papua New Guinea logo, visible when held up to light
  • Offset printing (flat printing) used muti-coloured background patterns
  • Slightly raised printing of “5”, Five Kina, National Crest, Legal Tender Clause and words “Bank of Papua New Guinea”
  • Signatures and serial numbers that fluoresce under UV light
  • Metallic security thread incorporating very small print of “PNG 5”, the security thread fluoresces blue when viewed under UV light
  • Offset printing (flat printing) of background security patterns
  • Slightly raised printing of “5”, Hombuli Mask, Kina
  • Shell necklace and words “Bank of Papua New Guinea”

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