Training to equip Central Bankers with risk management and efficient payment settlement systems

Bank of Papua New Guinea will be hosting the ninth South East Asian Central Banks (SEACEN) conference next year. The conference to be attended by 40 participants from the South East Asia will be provided with comprehensive knowledge in terms of risk, risk management and efficiency of core payment and settlement systems (retail payment systems and large value payment system).

 Based on the learning need analyses, the conference will offer a more in-depth coverage on liquidity management in the real time gross settlement system (RTGS), and a new case study on foreign exchange settlement risks and risk management. The focus of the retail payment systems module will be on issues of current concern, including role of non-bank players and retail payment system policy issues.

 The conference aims to enable participants to explain the role of payment systems in financial stability and monetary policy; identify major risks in core payment and settlement systems using country examples; assess liquidity management options in the Real Time Gross Settlement to enhance efficiency and explain risk management measures.