Women’s Micro Bank

Governor Loi Bakani, recently awarded a banking licence to a Women’s group.

“This is a big step forward to empower disadvantaged and financially illiterate women of PNG as the Women’s Bank is for low income women to deposit their money or to get loans to start a small business,” said Mr Bakani.

“I congratulate the Chief Executive Officer of the Women’s Micro Bank ThushariHewapathirana and her Team of Directors for the milestone achievement to be awarded the banking licence”.

“This is the fifth license granted this year as part of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion & Financial Literacy 2014-2015 in targeting the wider population of our country with special emphasis on women and youths. This achievement will make it possible for women to meet their banking needs.

MsHewapathirana thanked the Governor and Assistant Governor for Financial Systems Stability Group, Ellison Pidik and his team for the support given during the 16 months of waiting for the license.

Women’s MicroBank Directors, Janet Sape, Alphonse Malipu and former Member of Parliament, Gabriel Kapris were also present to receive the licence.

“It was not an easy journey as we had to comply with all the BPNG requirements to ensure obligations were met and we are grateful to BPNG for the recognition and granting of this licence. It is indeed a special moment for us and the women of PNG,” said Mr Kapris.

MrsSape said it was through many years of collaboration with Government and other women who had the vision to reach out to other women.

“We emerged from a humble beginning and can now impact many livelihoods as we reach out to as many unbanked women.

One person can make a difference but together we can rock the nation.” she said.

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