Central Bank Launches Commemorative Notes and Coins

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Commemorating the XV Pacific Games and the country’s 40th Independence, the Bank of Papua New Guinea recently launched the commemorative notes and coins to celebrate these two very important events in the country.

Two commemorative bank notes, a Ten Kina (K10) and a Twenty Kina (K20) and two new sets of 50 toea coins will be the new additions to the country’s current family of bank notes and coins in circulation.

Minister for Treasury Patrick Pruatich, launched the new currencies saying that the introduction of these new bank notes and coins is not just for the sake of change but to maintain the confidence and integrity of the people of Papua New Guinea towards the country’s currency.

Following the launch, he said BPNG will embark on Currency Awareness to enlighten members of the public regarding the new commemorative currencies.

The new commemorative bank notes include a new security feature called the Optical Variable Image that exhibits three transitional colours when the bank notes are tilted while the new 50 toea coin is minted with the colours of the Pacific Games Logo.

This is the first for a multi coloured circulating coin in the Pacific Region.

Bank of PNG Governor, Mr. Loi Bakani said the new notes retain their original design elements and security features except the length of the banknotes have been slightly reduced in size as part of the bank note reform process undertaken by the Bank to differentiate the sizes of Papua New Guinea bank notes. 

The new Ten Kina notes and 50 toea coins commemorate the XV Pacific Games while the new Twenty Kina notes celebrate the country’s 40th Anniversary.

In addition special numismatic coins of limited number have been produced to commemorate the XV Pacific Games and is available for interested buyers and collectors.



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