CEFI Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

CEFI edit pix4UN Official Tenzin Keyzom Ngodup receiving a gift as a token of appreciation from CEFI Chairman and Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea, MR LOI. M. Bakani while CEFI Executive Director (from rear left) Cristian Shoemaker and CEFI Admin Manager Tony Torea and Assistant Governor for Financial Systems Stability group , Ellison Pidik looks on. 

The Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion celebrated its 2nd anniversary in May at the Laguna Hotel in the Nation’s Capital, Port Moresby.

The celebration included a workshop in which key players of financial institutions and stakeholders gathered to outline concerned areas of the Financial Inclusion and Literacy Strategy that has been placed under the Maya Declaration.

Initially structured as a coordinating entity for all initiatives relating to Financial inclusion; its vision is to eliminate financial exclusion for poverty eradication in Papua New Guiana and expanding activities to the Pacific Region.

Since its inception, CEFI has been working closely with sub-committees on financial inclusion of the multi-stakeholder consultative implementation and monitoring council (CMIC) responsible for overseeing the implantation of the National Informal Economy policy.

CEFI’s Mission is to create a conducive use  enabling regulatory environment that promotes and nature’s technological innovations in product and service delivery channels while also Facilitating Financial education.

With the time frame from January 2014 to December 2015 CEFI has coordinated and monitored 2 Financial Inclusion Expositions’ in Port Moresby and Kokopo and three mini  Expo’s whilst overseeing workshops and trainings for 13 allied financial institutions and Stakeholders to be advocates of the  Financial Literacy Strategy.

During Mr Bakani’s acknowledgments as Chairman of CEFI and Governor of The Bank of PNG at CEFI’s 2nd anniversary, he mentioned that the purpose of the workshop is to take stock of their experiences and their lessons and work together and agree on how best they can progress in their respective agendas.

CEFI’s number one Key Objective is to reach 1million more unbanked low-income people in Papua New Guinea and micro and small enterprises, with a diverse range of financial services in which fifty precent of people reached will be females.

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