BPNG takes part in the 2015 Pacific Games Activities

BPNG Baton Relay_

On July 2nd, Down Town Port Moresby came to a standstill besides its busy schedules as business and corporate houses witnessed the Oil Search Pacific Games Baton relay pass through their busy hub. The Baton relay was part of the program for Moresby South initiated by the electorate member and Sports Minister, Hon. Justin Thatchenko. 

Bank of Papua New Guinea staff left their workstations and stood outside Musgrave road with Governor, Mr. Loi Bakani, to see, receive and have a touch of the Oil Search Pacific Games Baton. The BPNG journey with the Baton was for 100 metres, and most staff took the opportunity to touch the Baton.  

The Baton was passed to Governor Bakani in front of the Bank South Pacific by BSP CEO, Mr. Robin Fleming who started the relay in the busy town area from ADF building at Ela beach. Governor Bakani was accompanied by his grandson Malachai Bakani and the Bank’s four Assistant Governors, and staff. 

Escorted by onlookers, youths and students from as far as Kirakira, the Baton highlighted sportsmanship, friendship, fun and nationalism as it made its way across Sabama, Koki and Ela Beach, through to Down Town Port Moresby.

The Baton made an epic journey passing through all 22 provinces and carried by more than 2000 men, women and children returned to Port Moresby after its launch earlier in March 2015 for the 100 days relay voyage. 

To commemorate the Pacific Games 2015, the Bank of Papua New Guinea launched the issuance of new and coloured 50 toea coin and K10 banknote in May 2015. 

The BPNG is also proud to have one of its staff Ms Terry Kiapin as a PNG rep in the woman’s Hockey team and three of its staff from the communications and Publications unit as volunteers in the Games!

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