BPNG and PNGID plan to work together

Governor speaking during the PNGID Meet and Greet Session at Aviat.

Corruption will always be the issue when there is no good governance and transparency in the top management.

This was the message addressed by Bank of Papua New Guinea Governor, Mr Loi Bakani, CMG, to members and staff of the Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) and Papua New Guinea Institute of Directors (PNGID).

Governor Bakani encouraged the two institutions to work together to reduce this issue during a meet and greet session of the PNGID members recently.

“There have been many instances where organizations were found to have no transparency in the management of their organizations and the roles they play.

“For that, the Central Bank is now looking at ways to work with the Institute to address these issues and to also provide opportunities that can enhance Directors in their particular sectors,” he added.

Mr Bakani challenged other members of PNGID to engage the institution with their sectors in the future to build the organization and its members as the Bank of PNG is now taking the lead to work closely with the Institution.

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