Bank of PNG donate Genset to Tsak Valley Communities in the Enga Province










The Tsak Valley Communities in the Enga Province were proud recipients of a Genset donated by the Bank of Papua New Guinea.

Bank of Papua New Guinea Governor, Loi Bakani presented the keys of the Genset to the Reformation Ministries and Churches network in Mount Hagen after the Bank held its first Board Meeting for 2015 in the Western Highlands Province.

Governor Bakani made the presentation at the Brian Bell Centre in Mount Hagen to Pastor Dian Warep on behalf of the Bank.

Most times the church’s efforts to provide their programs to the communities were hampered, not only by the location but also the lack of vital resources including electricity in the area. Deputy Governor, Benny Popoitai was invited to officiate in one of their graduation ceremonies last year in which four thousand local men and women graduated from the group’s Financial Inclusion program and discovered the need for a generator to enhance the Group’s efforts to conduct financial inclusion programs.

Governor Bakani when presenting the keys to Pastor Warep said the Bank’s aim is to help communities understand the importance and benefits of financial inclusion. It is a way forward to achieving, all Papua New Guineans to be financially literate. The Bank is assisting institutions, groups and church organizations who are actively driving the message of Financial Inclusion to the people.

Pastor Warep in thanking, the Governor, said partnership with the Bank and the Microfinance Expansion Project has contributed immensely to the people. He said in 2013 the Group signed an MOA with the Bank and so far the church has taken on the ownership to bring change and transformation to the people, with this Generator, the financial inclusion program will continue to be expanded in the area.


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