Two Kina Old Series

Denomination Two Kina Note
Year Reprinted 1991 (South Pacific Games), 1995 (20th Anniversary)
Material Polymer
Colors Dark green and black design elements on light green
Features (Obverse) The Background tints surrounding the National Crest on the front of the note are comprised of : A Tapa Cloth from Central Province
  • A Mount Hagen Axe
  • A Club from the Huon Gulf Area
  • A Clay Pot from the Sepik
  • A Shield From the Madang Area
  • A Marriage Bed from Manus Island
  • A Shield from the Upper Sepik Region
  • A see through banklogo (bottom right).

The designs surrounding the numerals represent local lineal art patterns in modern style and do not interpret any particular subject.

Features (Reverse)  The Back of this banknote features four main items :
  • A Mount Hagen Axe
  • A Kula Arm Band from the Milne Bay Province
  • Engraved dogs teeth from the Bougainville Area
  • A Clay Pot from the Sepik Province
  • A transparent bank logo (bottom left)

The Background tints have been composed of patterns taken from :

  • A Tapa cloth from the Northern Province
  • Waist Bands from the Gulf Province
  • A Canoe from the Trobriand Islands
  • A Shield from the Sepik Area
  • A Canoe from the West Sepik
  • A Madang Shield
  • Clubs from the Huon Gulf Region.

The patterns used to surround the numerals in local artwork are based on a bird design

Description The 2 Kina Plastic note was introduced in 1991. The benefits of having plastic notes have been noticed as new notes are printed less frequently.


 Polymer Security Features

Complex Clear Window

Complex clear window incorporating a vignette of the Bank of

Papua New Guinea logo.

Shadow Image

Shadow Image of the Bank of Papua New Guinea logo, which is visible

when raised to the light.

G-SwitchTM Feature

n the front and back of the note is a dynamic optical feature

that changes colour when tilted under a light source.


The numeral ‘2’ is embossed in the secondary clear window.


Complex security patterns in multiple rainbow print.


Raised keyline intaglio print on the front of the banknote.

Iridescent Feature

Iridescent Bird of Paradise in full flight is applied on the back of the note

providing a change of colour with orientation.

Serial Numbers

Black serial numbers that fluoresce yellow under ultra violet light.

Payment System

Retail Electronic Payments System (REPS)


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Kina Automated Transfer System (KATS) Monthly Statistics updates




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