Two Kina New Series

Two Kina Note Polymer


The K2.00 polymer banknote incorporates advanced security features to help protect the currency from counterfeiting.

The note still retains many of the original design elements of previous K2.00 banknotes.

 Front k2_front_secThe main design on the Front are the Parliarment House and the Bird of Paradise, the national emblem of Papua New Guinea, perched on a ‘Kundu Drum’ and ‘Ceremonial Spear’.
Reverse k2_back_secThe main design elements on the back are a Mt Hagen axe, Kula Arm band from Milne Bay, engraved dogs teeth from Bouganville, and a clay pot from the Sepik region.
Security Features

Complex Clear WindowComplex clear window incorporating a vignette of the Bank of

Papua New Guinea logo.

Shadow Image

Shadow Image of the Bank of Papua New Guinea logo, which is visible

when raised to the light.

G-SwitchTM Feature

ck of the note is a dynamic optical feature

that changes colour when tilted under a light source.


The numeral ‘2’ is embossed in the secondary clear window.


Complex security patterns in multiple rainbow print.


Raised keyline intaglio print on the front of the banknote.

Iridescent Feature

Iridescent Bird of Paradise in full flight is applied on the back of the note

providing a change of colour with orientation.

Serial Numbers

Black serial numbers that fluoresce yellow under ultra violet light.

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