Twenty Kina New Series

K20 Polymer Bank Notes Series


The K20.00 banknote incorporates advanced security features to help protect the currency from counterfeiting.

The polymer note still retains many of the original design elements of the previous K20.00 banknotes.

Front k20_front_new.jpg
Back  k20_back_new
Security Features  
1.Complex Clear Window Complex clear window incorporating a vignette of the Bank of Papua New Guinea logo.
2.Shadow ImageShadow image of the Bank of Papua New Guinea logo, which is visible when raised to the light.
3.G-Switch â„¢ FeatureG-Switch â„¢is a dynamic optical feature that changes colour when the banknote is tilted under a light
4.EmbossThe numeral ‘20’ is embossed in the secondary clear window.
5.OffsetComplex background security patterns in multiple rainbow print.
6.IntaglioMulti-colour raised keyline printing of main design elements on the front and back of the  banknote.
7.Iridescent FeatureBird of Paradise in full flight on the back provides a colour change when the banknote is tilted.
8.Serial NumberBlack serial number fluoresces yellow/green under ultra violet light.
9.SignaturesBlack signatures of the Governor and the Secretary, Department of Treasury fluoresce yellow/green under ultra violet light.

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