BPNG 3rd Board Meeting in Kokopo, 2014

The Bank of Papua New Guinea has held its third (3rd) Board meeting of the year at Kokopo (Rapopo Resort and Kokopo Beach Bangalow), EastNew Britain Province from September 24th-25th, 2014.

The meeting was attended by seven board members, Governor Loi M. Bakani (Board Chairman), Deputy GovernorMr. Benny Popoitai, Mr. Himson Waninara, Mr. Alex Tongayu, Mr. John Leahy, Dr. Ken Ngangan and Ms Betty Palaso. The other memberof the board, Mr. Bart Philemon sent his apology as he was on business travel..

At the beginning of the actual board meeting at the Rapopo Resort the four Assistant Governors of the Bank Dr. Kauzi, Mr. Terea, Mrs Genia & Mr Pidik conducted an induction program on their respective groups’ core functions giving the board members an overall insight of the Banks key functions.

The Board Members then proceeded to KBB resort for a closed door session. At the end of the board meeting Governor Bakani hosted a light cocktail and invited representatives from the ENB Provincial government and business houses around Kokopo. Governor Bakani acknowledged them for their continued support to the economic growth in PNG.

On September 26th, 2014 the Board went for a site seeing boat cruise around Kokopo and the Duke of York Islands. They visited some of the historical sites around ENB Province including the old Japanese tunnels used during the second World War, the Simpson’s Habour, the Beehives’ rocks and then around the Tavurvur and Vulcan volcanic mountains.

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